Manage creative rotation

Manage creative rotation

Several rotation options. Fine-tune impressions for different parameters: GEO, device type, browser and much more. A/B testing.

The link rotator on Express Landing is the traffic distribution on various offers in the specified percentage. In the rules and path settings, you need to add offers (not more than 100) in the Path and specify the percentage of traffic distribution between them.

The traffic rotator between offers of a campaign is activated at the moment of passing through the Express Landing campaign URL, which is very convenient and effective for the split tests. To do this, you need to add the links of offers in the campaign’s path and equally distribute the percentage between them. This will let you compare offers between each other under the same conditions, with the same traffic, and determine the most efficient ones of them.

On Express Landing, you can also set the website rotator. The settings are the same as with the offers. In one path of traffic distribution, you need to add landing pages and set the percentage of distribution (so that the total is 100%). Also, you can split test landing pages, which helps to determine the most profitable LP.

The best feature on Express Landing that can be used as a link rotator is auto-optimization. The system automatically analyzes EPC and EPV, on the basis of which it re-distributes the traffic percentages between landing pages and offers. This function lets you distribute traffic as efficiently as possible using the best ‘Landing-Offer’ pairs.

What are the features of Landing rotator?

The main features of link rotator are:

  • Automation of work with traffic, the maximum exclusion of manual work.
  • Traffic distribution by conditions (GEO, OS, browser, etc.). That is the distribution of mixed traffic to offer links.
  • Use of smart algorithms for auto-optimization.
  • Split testing (the definition of the most effective offers, landing pages, landing-offer pairs, rules, and paths).

When working with traffic sources and affiliate networks, it is the tracker that performs the traffic distribution functions. The use of a tracker is convenient because, despite the number of landing pages and offers, you get one campaign URL, which you place on the traffic sources.

If you need to replace the offer, edit the rules, add conditions or make various adjustments to the rules, then all this is done in a campaign on the side of a tracker, and there is no need to make changes to the campaign URL on the side of a traffic source, because it remains unchanged.

Express Landing software has a precise traffic rotator and auto-optimization for the maximum traffic monetization.

Choose the solution that suits you best.