Track, optimize and automate your ads

What is ad tracking?

Let’s figure out what is an ad tracker and why you need one. It’s a system that determines the traffic information and collects statistics on it, starting from the redirect by a link and until a user lands on the offer page.

If to review a user’s path from the traffic source to the offer, then the tracker will be in the middle. Once a user clicks on the ad (banner, link, video, etc.), the advertising tracking starts, and all traffic data is recorded in statistics. Later on, based on this data, you can manage traffic flows and precisely target it.

Also, one of the main tracker’s features is TDS (Traffic Distribution System) that allows you to distribute traffic by specific parameters in real time. As a result, the system applies the set rules to send a visitor to the needed pages. That’s to say, no matter what traffic you use and where it goes, the ad tracker online platform is an efficient and reliable assistant. Nowadays, there are a lot of resources that sell or buy traffic, and it is very convenient when statistics are collected in one place.

How does the ad tracking works on Express Landing?

It’s simple. When you send traffic, it can be any ad network, site, teaser network or any other traffic source (Google, Facebook or others). The system tags each click with a unique click id and transfers traffic along with this parameter further to the offer.

To pass the unique click ID to an affiliate network, the GET parameters are usually used. These are variables in which all values are passed through the link to the affiliate network. This value is always unique for each pass through a link, it is formed by the tracker itself, and the affiliate network simply captures and saves it.

When there is a successful conversion (purchase, subscription, registration or else), the affiliate network sends the information (i.e. postback) back to the Express Landing tracker with a unique click ID. This way, Express Landing understands which click brought a successful conversion and records all the information on it in statistics (there are more than 20 parameters that are constantly updated, namely the geographic location of a user, the device from which the pass was made, the browser language, operating systems, etc.).

This allows you to clearly set, analyze, obtain detailed statistics on ad campaigns using the tracker’s tools, and effectively monetize the traffic. And if to set up filters on the traffic source, it is possible to cut off redirects that do not convert, thereby, reduce the costs of traffic buying.

Actually, Express Landing is a great choice for those who need to do the advertising tracking and who don’t want to waste time and efforts on adjusting the system for themselves. This is the well-thought-out software with ready-to-use tools. An important advantage is that it’s easy to connect it with many popular affiliate networks and traffic sources. Plus, the system has ready-made templates that are constantly updated.

In what business the ad tracking is useful?

Affiliates, webmasters, media buy teams, advertising agencies, ad networks – everyone who works in the CPA field needs a tracker. Without one, it is hard to get precise statistics, set automation and take control over all parameters of an advertising campaign.

Start working with Express Landing and you’ll see how easy and beneficial it is!

Choose the solution that suits you best.