Solution for marketing manager

Fine-tuning traffic distribution and increasing audience coverage. Everything You Need To Build And Scale.

What do you get?

Website builder
Secure connection to your site (SSL)
Unlimited website hosting on all types of domains express landing
Distributed storage of sites across the continents of the world (CDN)
Binding your own domains
Integration with affiliate programs
Extended set of supported file formats .apk, .exe, etc
Personal manager

An unlimited number of downloadable landing pages will give you the opportunity to create any kind of advertising campaigns and efficiently perform analysis using related tools, and the domain registration service provided to you will reduce the launch of personalized marketing campaigns, since now you will have a minimum time from registering domains to launching it.

This solution is suitable for starting and studying our service. By selecting these instructions, the user gets the opportunity to upload their site to domains similar to the categories of companies, to create any complexity of the website, using the websites of designers.

Fine-tuning the rotation and distribution of traffic on a large number of features will make any company more efficient.

The main difference from previous solutions is that the user has the opportunity to rotate their landing resources. For example, they can customize a campaign based on a potential lead's location or language. Express landing rotator himself will understand which landing page needs to be shown.

Using the targeting and statistics systems provided to you, it expands the range of possibilities with which you can perform A/B testing, analyze traffic quality in real time, build brand promotion analytics at the initial stage of a campaign launch.

It is possible for you to place apk software for mobile clients and, with the help of our distributed system for storing your resources, to deliver the necessary content to your clients with guaranteed and high speed.

Choose the solution that suits you best.