Banner management

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Creative rotation is for ads with multiple creatives. Each time your ad serves, the creative rotation settings determine which creative Express Landing delivers with your ad.

For example, you might rotate your creatives in order. Or you might make sure one creative serves twice as often as the others. Or you might set your rotation so that the creatives that get the best results are delivered more often than the others.


Banner rotation options


In a sequential rotation, the creatives are served to a user in the order you specify.

Set the order in the Order column. You can enter values or use the arrow keys (up and down).


In an even rotation, your creatives rotate evenly. Each time your ad is served, Express Landing selects a creative at random. Because each creative has the same weight as the others, they should all be served about the same number of times.


In a custom rotation, you can set your own weights for each creative. If a creative has a higher weight than the others, it gets served more often.

Click-through rate

In a rotation based on click-through rate, the creative with the highest click-through rate is served much more often than the other creatives.


In an optimized rotation, Express Landing weights your creatives based on a metric you choose. Add optimization metrics in your campaign properties. The metrics you add will be available in every ad, in the ad properties. For each ad, you can choose one optimization metric for creative rotation.

Choose the solution that suits you best.